Ramen Sanpachi

Food is my sin, and I have a tendency to overindulge. Hence the appropriate name :’) Since I eat so often, my friends have convinced me to start up a small review blog. Might as well put this addiction into good use. I live in Vancouver, BC and therefore most of the reviews will be of Vancity’s delicious food, hooray!

So, first one up: Ramen Sanpachi

I got a little excited and forgot to take a photo of the restaurant’s front, but I snapped a photo from where I was sitting at the back


Cute restaurant (their ceiling lights were especially cute! I couldn’t snap a photo though, darn). Not too crowded. I went around 2:30pm and so missed the rush.

I ordered a special- spicy ramen that has miso and spicy sauce base combo with gyoza for $12.90.


The soup base was delicious! Rich, flavourful and spicy. The spicy tasted familiar but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Though it reminds me of the spice in Taiwan cuisines. Beware of the accumulation of spices. Noodles were good, not too soggy and just enough crunch. The only disappointment I had was the meat. It wasn’t that tasty. The gyoza was fried nicely; there was enough meat and the skin was thin. But nothing special.

Service was friendly and the wait time was not long at all.¬†Overall I would say that this spicy ramen is good. Though I wouldn’t necessarily crave for it again.

Ramen Sanpachi on Urbanspoon

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