Cartems Donuterie

If you’ve ever been to Portland, then you must have tried their infamous VooDoo Doughnuts, which is INSANE.
Me and four other friends bought a box of dozen (pure sugar impulse) and sorely regretted that decision. Sweetness overload and many rock paper sissors later.

Cartems donuterie is similar to VooDoo doughnuts, but I felt it was a little more calmed down on the doughnut aesthetics. The newly refurbished store looks nice, however not a lot of seats and tables. Clearly it was not meant to be eaten in store.


I went a little late and so my selection was limited.

My honey parmesan:


I apologize for the cut, I was too excited to eat it hahaha. The name and the topping sounds odd, but surprisingly tasty. It has the texture of a sour cream plain from Tim hortons with a light frosting layer. The cheese and pepper was very light, but the undertone of it is present. Overall it was a good doughnut and I would eat it again!

My next try would be the Mexican mole.


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